Mirror magic


Mirror Magic is an uncommon yet extremely powerful skill. The skill basically uses the ability of misdirection to trick one’s enemies or self. In order to learn this skill, the player must first acquire the “Miracle mirror” which is found in their C. During the early stages of the game, you will notice a white butterfly-shaped crystal in front of the black door in the west part of the classroom. Once you have acquired the mirror, turn right and enter the classroom once again. You will see two students walking ahead with their own Mirrors. The two students will eventually turn around to face you.

During the introductory cut scene, the leftmost one has a white crystal similar to those found in their C while the one on the right possesses a black crystal. Both of them are using their own respective mirrors to cast spells at you and your party members. If you are standing still when the spell cast by the left Mirror Magic student strikes, a reflected butterfly will appear in front of you. This butterfly will vanish just as soon as the spell cast by the right Mirror Magic student is over. The mirror magic allows its users to change the physical state of themselves, making it impossible for your enemies to know exactly what attack you are going to use.

During the late parts of the game, you will encounter enemies with high defense and a high resistance. You can take advantage of their poor vision by creating a reflective shield in front of you. As long as you have more defense and energy points, you will be able to turn the tide of the battle in your favor. Using the same strategy, you can turn the tables against the enemies by using their reflection against them. The mirror magic makes you invisible to them while rendering all other enemy’s information useless. In short, Mirror Magic is a great combination of powerful offensive and defensive spells that leave your enemies in awe.

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