Wild spells


Wild Spells is a fun new card game to play at your casino table. The graphics and sound are a great addition to any casino game and have a very real magical effect. The base game play is solid enough but really the best potential comes in the extra wild spells in the bonus rounds on regular games. Having played the free spells and read lots of reviews I think there is a real demand for this style of game and it will soon be one of the most popular games in slots that is available. With the free bonus rounds adding more possibilities it is hard to imagine why anyone would pass this game up, even though it is not actually free.

Wild Spells slots are a lot of fun because they allow you to win real money without spending any real money. The actual cost of playing this casino game with actual money is quite low considering the quality of the payout and the great bonus features the slots now offer. You can earn extra coins by betting real money or by exchanging your regular coins for coins that are worth more than your regular coins. This gives you a consistent source of income and with the large jackpots on regular games as well as big payouts on the special Wild Spells spins it can become quite exciting. The big plus of course is that you don’t have to spend any money to play this exciting game.

Each time you place a spin on a Wild Spells slot machine you will get a free coin. After you have collected all the free coins you may choose to put your money into one of three pots. If you win any of these pots you will get an additional prize. It is important to remember that with this slot machine game you are always going to be trying to beat your own wild spell; therefore you need to stay focused and not get distracted by the other players. The best strategy is to play your regular game and try to beat your wild spell; however if you get really unlucky and have to go all out you may want to consider a quick withdrawal and re-start with a different slot machine. In the end Wild Spells is a great game to play because you never know when it is going to come around.

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